REVERT 2104 - 3004 EN

REVERT 2104 - 3004

2104 forche 2

REVERT tractors constitute a new generation of machines since they are clearly distinguished from the traditional ones included in the same power range for their original and innovative characteristics:
- great dimensional compactness and therefore high agility and handling
- reduced height of the center of gravity from the ground, for greater stability and safety of use, especially on slopes
- engine in intermediate position between the two axles for the benefit of a more uniform 2104 fork weight distribution with consequent better traction capacity2104 forche
- driving reversibility to achieve greater operational versatility and versatility with a practically unlimited range of tools and tools
- double mechanical and hydraulic predisposition for coupling, lifting and driving of front and rear equipment
- power steering, to ensure precise, smooth and effortless directional control for the operator
- Steering column with adjustable inclination for a more comfortable driving position
- seat and steering wheel elastically isolated from the frame to protect the operator from vibrations
- hydraulic power take-off conceived as an independent and optional unit, ensuring better responsiveness and functionality
- integral hydrostatic transmission, with variable displacement pump and wheel-motors, a very advanced technical solution that gives the machine refined operating capabilities
- road approval as "Agricultural tractor with loading platform" 

2104 benna

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